This or That Book Tag

Hey guys, I had so much fun doing the newbie tag, that I started looking up other book tags to do. I stumbled upon the ‘this or that’ book tag, and thought this would be fun to do. This was originally created by Ayunda @ Tea and Paperbacks. If there is an up-to-date version of this tag, please tag me ! Let’s get started!

Reading on the couch or reading on the bed?

I prefer to read on the couch, curled up under a nice warm blanket, if it’s winter. I’ll read in my bed, and have been reading there a lot, since the pandemic hit. But I will choose reading on the couch, when I have the house quiet and to myself over my bed any day.

Main Character: Male or Female?

First off, I hate referring to people as male or female. I’d rather not call people that, but I would take any character as the main character, as long as their written well, and not a stereotypical character.

Sweet or salty snacks while reading?

Sweet snacks. I always have starburst around, while I’m reading, I’ll eat some of them. Or I’ll eat a sugar cookie that I’d probably baked the night before, and munch on it while reading. Come to think about it, I hardly ever eat salty snacks.

Trilogies or Quartets?

Trilogies. I say this because I think that some books should stop at three. However, I do enjoy reading quartets, especially if the first three books kept me hooked.

First Person or Third Person POV?

This depends on what genre I’m reading. With mysteries, I can’t see myself reading in third person, my brain just won’t let me. I think i’ll go with third person, however, because I do tend to gravitate more towards third person POV.

Night or morning reader?

Night reader for sure. I have moments during the morning times where I’ll read, and I typically get most of my reading done in the afternoon. But if I have to decide between morning and night, it would be night.

Libraries or book stores?

I love being in the library, the atmosphere is just so great. I like going to book stores but for whatever reason, I’m more comfortable in a library.

Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry?

Books that make me cry, but only if they have a good ending. I’m a sucker for good endings, and I like a little heartbreak that leads into something beautiful. Or, me crying tears of joy at the end.

Black or white book covers?

I’ve never just sat here and thought about this. I don’t have answer to it, I don’t think. I’ll go with black, because I love the color black, and the aesthetic does look nice. I guess I’ll have to really think about this one, because I don’t know what else to say.

Character-driven or plot-driven stories?

I love when I’m reading things that are character driven, but I love plot. I love finding things that connects the plot together. Plot-driven stories are the better option in my book.

The tag is finished, and I had fun with this. I don’t have a specific person, I want to tag, so I’ll just tag whoever wants to do this. I hope you enjoy it, as much as I did.


~ tee, signing off.

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