The Hating Game BOOK REVIEW

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeton, two executive assistants, who despise one another, are forced to work together. they both live to make the others life at work a living hell.

Published: August 9, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Pages: 363

Where to purchase:

The Hating Game was such a fun read. It was so funny and the characters were charming in their own way. I loved the dynamic and I love reading a good enemies to lovers novel. I definitely will be reading this again, because I enjoyed it so much this first time.

The story starts with Lucy Hutton explaining how she couldn’t stand her coworker Joshua Templetan. They’re engaged in a juvenile office war, and HR has been notified too many times to count. They claim to hate each other, but their other coworkers see it as some were dean, sexual tension, situation.

One thing I liked about this book, is the way Lucy memorized Joshua’s shirt patterns.

He wears an identical business shirt everyday, in a different color. White, off-white stripe, cream, pale yellow, mustard, baby blue, robin’s-egg blue, dove-gray, navy, and black.

The Hating Game, Chapter One: Page 8

It was funny to read how she secretly thought he was attractive, and she loved his shirts, except for the mustard green. This was a key point that made me realize that maybe she has a crush on the guy. At that point in time, she didn’t know it, but it was obvious to see.

I only had two problems when it involved this book. One problem I had with this book is that I wanted to know whether Lucy got the position. I thought the book was going to end that way, and I was excited to hear about it. The other problem I had with this book isn’t the book itself but the office policy. I understand the concept of relationships between coworkers being prohibited, but I think it’s a stupid rule.

Also, a favorite moment is when she got the flowers and Joshua told her that she was always beautiful. That was so sweet to me, and that made my poor, lonely heart feel at ease.

The Hating Game, Chapter 7: Page 78

My favorite quotes from the book is her inner monologue when she was freaking out after realizing she was in love with him. I thought it was realistic and it was well written.

You love him. You love him. You always have. More than you ever hated him. Every day, staring at this man, knowing every color and expression and nuance.

The Hating Game, Chapter 28: Page 346

This novel was an amazing read and I recommend it to anyone who love contemporary romances. It’s a fast-paced read and you’d never want to put the book down until you’re finished with it. Especially since there’s enough angst and comedy to keep you latched on to the book. If there are any contemporary romance novels that you also like, please let me know!

Have you ever read this book? What did you think about it?


~ tee, signing off.

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