BOOK REVIEW: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

This book follows Bella Swan, who moves to Forks, Washington to stay with her father. There she meets Edward Cullen, a century old vampire who goes to her school.

Published: October 5, 2005

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy Fiction, Romance

Pages: 498

Where to purchase:

I was a big fan of the Twilight movies when I was younger, and I found out, from my mom, that they were once books. I never read the books, however, and kept pushing them off for many years. This year, I decided to read the first book to see if I enjoyed it enough to get the entire series. And I can honestly say that I love this book.

The good thing about watching the movie first is that I could see the scenes playing out as I read through the book. It took me only a few days to read the book, and I plan on buying the rest soon. More than likely as soon as I get my upcoming check.

I truly enjoyed the sweet moments between Bella and Edward that wasn’t really shown in the movies. One part that comes to mind, is when they are in Bella’s room and it talks about Edward holding Bella and rocking her in silence.

He rocker me for a while in silence, until I noticed that his clothes were changed, his hair smooth.

Twilight, Chapter 15: Page 314

I found that extremely cute and it also made me long to have a partner who I could be with. It definitely reminded me that I am single and lonely…. So thanks for that Stephenie Meyer.

Another thing I truly liked is learning a little bit about Alice’s history.

She was in an asylum when the vampire James tried to approach her but her friend took her. She could see visions before she was a vampire and that was the reason why she was in an asylum.

Twilight, Chapter 22: Page 447-448

I don’t think it states anything about her human life in the movies, but I was excited to learn about her. I find her fascinating and the fact that she couldn’t remember saddening to know.

I don’t really have anything that I disliked about this book. I enjoyed it from start to finish, and the only reason I don’t rate it 5/5 is because I’m not ready for otto be a perfect rating score. There’s also the reason of them not describing the fight scene between James and Edward. I would’ve liked to read that.

Bella is even more nosey in the book than she is in the movies. I truly enjoyed learning things about her. This book was so good, and I think the casting of Edward and Bella was spot on. They really captured them right in the movie. I want to read the book again, just to see if I missed something the first time.

Also, I actually despise love triangles, and I know that Edward, Bella, and Jacob are going to get on my nerves. They got on my nerves in the movie, and I know they’re going to get on my nerves in the book. Just pick one girl my god.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Have you ever read the Twilight Series? How did you feel about the books, and did you like them better than the movies? Let me know in the comments!


~ tee, signing off.

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