4 Book Series I’ll (Probably) Never Read

Hey everyone! I was thinking about this after I seen a fellow blogger make a post like this, and I found it interesting. So I decided to make my own post and name the book series that I’m not going to read.

If this is your favorite book, then I apologize that we can’t gush about it. We can always find a book that we both enjoy and go from there. You can comment your favorite books and I’ll check them out. Follow my tiktok and my instagram to stay connected!

Here is my Amazon Wishlist!

The Lord of the Rings Series by JRR Tolkien

Divergent by Veronica Roth Series

After by Anna Todd Series

Harry Potter by JK Rowling Series

I’m not interested in reading any of these books simply because I just don’t want to. Well, that isn’t entirely true, but for the most part that’s truly the reason. I find myself not interested in a lot of books and that frustrates me, because I feel as if I should read everything.

Also, I enjoy some fantasy books, but as I gotten older, I find myself liking romance more so than fantasy. Also, I don’t think that the After series sends a good message, and I rather not participate in that.

What are some book series you don’t think you’ll ever want to read? Have you ever read any of these series? How did you think about them?


~ tee, signing off.

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