Supernatural Quotes That Belong In Books

I have a love/hate relationship with Supernatural. However, they do have some quotes that I know book lovers would eat up if they were in a book. I’m going to list a few of the quotes below and I hope you enjoy these quotes, as much as I did.

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Now on to the list!

“Freedom is a length of rope. God wants you to hang yourself with it.”

- Castiel. Supernatural S06E20

“I know how you look in a mirror... and hate what you see.”

- Dean Winchester. Supernatural, S03E10

“Some people are just born tortured. So when they die, their spirits are just as dark.”

- Sam Winchester. Supernatural, S01E19

“You say that like it’s an insult. Nice girls, they’re pathetic. Here’s to evil skanks.”

- Rowena Macleod. Supernatural, S10E17

“Nature? Divine. Human nature? Toxic.”

- Chuck Shurley. Supernatural, S11E20

There are many other quotes from this show that would be great in books. I mean, the show was on for 15 years, I’m sure I can make many parts to this segment. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these quotes. If you’ve never watched the show, I wonder will this clue in on how the characters are.

Also, if you’ve never watched the show, I continue to not watch it. Please do not do that to yourselves, I made the mistake of doing it, and here I am still in distress months after the show ended. Save yourself, I’m giving you this warning now.

Which quote was your favorite? Would you like a part 2? Let me know in the comments!


~ tee, signing off.

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