Apocalyptic Nights: Flash Fiction by Me

BLOOD, pain, and loss have been the new normal since the world fell from the sky. I no longer looked at the world with optimism but resignation to my fate. The sun and moon were my only companions, but I longed for more, I longed for something I thought I couldn’t have. I walked this… Continue reading Apocalyptic Nights: Flash Fiction by Me

I opened a Redbubble Shop

I’ve always heard about Redbubble and I’ve seen people do it but I didn’t think I was artistic enough to do it. But I decided to try and now I have 5 designs up and ready to go! I decided to follow my niche and do bookish-themed stickers, they’re so fun but stressful to make.… Continue reading I opened a Redbubble Shop

Book Review: Fangirl

This novel follows twin sisters, Wren and Cath, as they enter their first year of college. Cath only wants to live in her fictional world while Wren wants to experience something new. Published: September 10, 2013 Genre: YA Fiction Pages: 445 (Hardcover) Where to purchase: thriftbooks.com This was a cute book. I really enjoyed reading… Continue reading Book Review: Fangirl

Graphic Novel April

A friend of mine recommended a graphic novel to me and realized that I wanted to get more into the genre. I love seeing different artistic styles and I decided I was going to dive into this genre and see if it's a genre I want to read more of. The month of April will… Continue reading Graphic Novel April