February Wrap-up 2021

I know this is late but I’ve been super busy and stressed. I only finished reading two books in February, but I’m going to name the one I am still currently reading. My plan is to read 40 books this year, because I don’t read fast, and I also like to savor books, instead of starting a book right after I finished one. The books I read this month were so good though, and I recommend them to everyone who reads this.

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Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon

This was such a beautiful book, and I enjoyed reading it, and I will do a reread soon. I am going to watch the movie again.

book review

Tweet Cute by Emma Lorde

This was such a fun read. I didn’t write a book review on it though, I may do it one day.

Currently Reading

Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

I’m loving this book a lot. It’s such a delightful read, I recommend this book to you all.

I’m glad that I picked up these books,, and I’m glad that I’m getting back into reading again. I don’t see how people can read 12 books in one month, I could never. You’d be lucky if I get to read 5 books in a month. I think I’m going to listen to audiobooks, that will most definitely help.

I am going to be super busy in the upcoming months. I’m going to be doing my writing courses, redecorating my room, looking for a new job, and writing a short story to get published to Amazon, Also, I will share some of my short stories on here to get my fan base up so my Ebook will have readers.

What’s your favorite genre of books? Let me know in the comments.

~ tee, signing off.

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