10 Bookish Facts About Me

Hey friends! My blog is growing, slowly but surely, and I’ve decided to share a little bit of information about myself. I thought this would be fitting since it’s a new year and that means possibilities for new people to discover my blog! Anyways, let’s get on with 10 bookish facts about me.

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1. I’ve been reading since as long as I could remember.

2. I love reading contemporary romance, I find myself reading it more than any other genre.

3. I’ve been writing for years but I let terrible people put negative thoughts in my head, but I’ve started back 3 years ago. Writing is so hard.

4. I have a reading directory on my notion planner where I share books I’ve read, am reading, or want to read.

5. My friend that I met on Twitter became even closer because of our love of books.

6. I read books on all my devices, except for my laptop.

7. I’ve always wanted to work in a library but my library wasn’t offering the services to.

8. I’m scared to give bad reviews. I try to look for the good in every book I read.

9. I love Bookstagram! I love seeing the pictures and I’m trying to get better with taking better pictures!

10. I’m currently planning on publishing an Ebook to Amazon!

I’ve been growing slowly on here but that’s fine. I just wish to connect with more people. I can’t wait to show you guys my book, and let you read it. First, I’m going to share my stories on here.

Are you a writer? What are you writing? What are you reading?


~ tee, signing off.

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