3 Horror Novels I Want To Read In 2021

Horror is a genre that I love to watch and read but I will admit that I haven’t read that many horror stories in a while. This is why I made this post because I went looking for books to read and I stumbled across these books. They’re in my list on wishlist and I can’t wait to purchase them and get to reading.

If you have a bookstagram or are interested in it, follow me there. If you want to choose my next read then check out my Amazon Wishlist.

Bird Box by Josh Malerman

This novel follows a woman, Malorie, who must get herself and her two children to safety after a mysterious, unseen force strikes the population.

✨I’m so excited to read this book because I loved the movie. I actually didn’t know it was a book until I looked up book to movie adaptations. It’s supposed to be creepy and I can’t wait to be weirded out. Does that make me weird?

Jaws by Peter Benchley

This novel follows three men trying to kill a great white shark that stalks the people of the small town they live in, before more lives are taken and they lose all their tourists.

✨I also found out this was a book the other day. If you know me personally then you know that I’m in love with sharks and shark movies. Jaws is one of my personal favorites and to know it is a book, has really made me happy. I can’t wait to read this and then watch the movie again. Did he make another book or where the 2nd and 3rd movies not based on the books anymore?

The Bloody Chambers by Angela Carter

This is a collection of horror short stories. I’m thinking this is retelling stories. I’m excited to read this because it’s said to be such a fun read.

I can’t wait to read these stories and I hope you enjoyed this post. Follow my Bookstagram and if you want to choose a book for me then check out my Amazon Wishlist.

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