Graphic Novel April

A friend of mine recommended a graphic novel to me and realized that I wanted to get more into the genre. I love seeing different artistic styles and I decided I was going to dive into this genre and see if it’s a genre I want to read more of. The month of April will be my graphic novel month, and I have already ordered two graphic novels for me to test this genre out!

If you’re new here, Hi, my name is Tee and I want to become a published author. If you’re interested in connecting with me on different platforms, here is my Bookstagram. Also, if you like what I am doing over here, then check out my Amazon Wishlist!

What are some good graphic novels?

I’m partial to romance and light-hearted things. I want to ease my way into this genre before diving into the dark stuff. I was researching graphic novels and then I went to YouTube and found some that I thought would interest me. I picked five and made them into a list and I chose 2 out of the 5 of those and bought them to try out.

Why is diving into new genres so scary and difficult? Maybe because you’re so comfortable with the ones you love.

I will make a separate post when I receive those books, and I will post them on here for you guys to see. I can’t wait for them to come in. If you like graphic novels, remember to comment some down below!

~ tee, signing off.

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