Apocalyptic Nights: Flash Fiction by Me

BLOOD, pain, and loss have been the new normal since the world fell from the sky. I no longer looked at the world with optimism but resignation to my fate. The sun and moon were my only companions, but I longed for more, I longed for something I thought I couldn’t have. I walked this destroyed earth thinking I would always walk it alone. 

The sky is bright tonight, brighter than it has been in a while. I can hear the dead moaning beyond the gates while Brandon rubs my back and quietly hums an unfamiliar song. I didn’t think I could have this, and there are moments where I think I don’t. Sometimes I’d think I’d wake up to find myself alone. With no one around me but the sun and the moon. I shiver at that thought, and Brandon pulls me closer to his chest and back to the present. 

I met Brandon when the dead had me cornered. I prepared myself for a fight. If I was going to die, I wanted to go down swinging. I remember little from that day. I remember seeing brown skin and dark brown eyes, and hearing a voice asking if I was okay. I collapsed not soon after that and woke up at their camp, dazed and confused. I quietly snort to myself as I think about that day. Talk about first impressions. 

Meeting Brandon and the camp saved my life. They gave me hope I could live and survive the new normal. And to this day, that hope burns inside of me, and it’s my anchor because I try to believe that hope can live under every surface. 

I lean up to kiss Brandon’s cheek, feeling it move as he does a slight smile. We’re two people who found each other amid chaos. He’s my person and I am his. I stare up at the sky, noticing my old friend, the moon, and how it smiles down on me. I smile back and close my eyes, letting my old friend watch over me as I sleep. Apocalyptic nights aren’t always peaceful, they rarely are. But these days, there are few of the dead, few of the crazy human beings, and more of the quiet nights. 

I wake up to find Brandon gone, but I hear his voice. I sit up and smile as I watch his hand move rapidly as he continues talking. I tune in on the conversation, blinking a few times once I registered what he was saying. 

“Dr. Martin cured the dead. The cure worked! This nightmare is finally about to end,” I hear Brandon say, as his eyes shine. 

Well shit. I guess hope really lives under every surface.

This is the first story I’m going to post here! I hope you enjoyed it! Follow my bookstagram.

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