Quote Of The Day

If you enjoyed my post then give it a like and a comment. Don’t forget to follow me and check out my other blog posts. instagram | pinterest | amazon book wishlist | redbubble I was going to do this on my Instagram story but decided to do this here instead. I hope you enjoyed… Continue reading Quote Of The Day

April TBR: Graphic Novel Edition

Graphic novels is something I’ve always wanted to get into. I finally decided to try them out this month and share my progress with you all on my Bookstagram stories! I’ve bought two of them to start and see if I enjoy them, and then I’ll buy more if I can. If you like my… Continue reading April TBR: Graphic Novel Edition

Apocalyptic Nights: Flash Fiction by Me

BLOOD, pain, and loss have been the new normal since the world fell from the sky. I no longer looked at the world with optimism but resignation to my fate. The sun and moon were my only companions, but I longed for more, I longed for something I thought I couldn’t have. I walked this… Continue reading Apocalyptic Nights: Flash Fiction by Me

I opened a Redbubble Shop

I’ve always heard about Redbubble and I’ve seen people do it but I didn’t think I was artistic enough to do it. But I decided to try and now I have 5 designs up and ready to go! I decided to follow my niche and do bookish-themed stickers, they’re so fun but stressful to make.… Continue reading I opened a Redbubble Shop